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Вопрос к интересной информации

В ходе изучения литературы наткнулся на любопытнейшее описание.
Так как другие вещи описанные в этой книге ("Правда бодибилдинга") мне показались очень правильными, думаю что и это упражнение для пресса очень хорошее.
Но несмотря на то что я понимаю это описание дословно, НО как делать его конкретно мне неясно. Кто нибудь может описать это дело простым русским языком.

"Since abdominal development (or lack thereof) is genetically determined and sit up and leg raise movements are ineffective, what can be done? Glad you asked. What I'd like to describe to you is a very unusual movement. In fact, there isn't very much "movement" involved at all. That's the key. The abdominals are stressed most severely when attempting to "stabilize" since that's their function. This means that they respond to contraction, not movement. To some, this may seem too passive. You know, the guys who might say; "I do 500 sit ups with a 45 pound plate behind my head!" Well, if you think you've got strong abs, get down on the floor and check this out!

While in a seated position, bend your knees and bring the feet in so they are about 10-12 inches from your body. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Hunch your torso forward, tuck your chin into your chest, and hold your hands on the outsides of your knees. Now lean back while maintaining a hunched position until your arms are completely extended (still holding on to the outsides of your knees). At this point, let go of your knees and extend the arms forward. Are you feeling the strain in your abs yet? If you are like most people, there will be a tendency to start falling backward. This is due to the fact that only the abs are involved in maintaining your balance and the usual "helpers" like the hip flexors are excluded from the equation. It's now time to generate some serious punishment. Slowly raise the arms so that they are pointing directly overhead (keeping the body hunched forward). Can't be done you say? And I thought you were strong! If this is too intense, extend the feet outward until you can maintain balance. As you get stronger you can bring the feet in closer. Hold the outstretched arms above for 10 seconds. This is considered one rep. Slowly bring them down and just as slowly, allow the torso to come up to the original position. Rest for 10 seconds. Once again, slowly lean back and repeat the movement. Ten "reps" performed correctly will be one hell of a vicious set. The number of sets performed are up to you. It would be fair to say that after 10 minutes of this type of training, your abs will be screaming for mercy. How badly do you want it?"

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    Всем привет! Вернулась в ЖЖ, худею на 10 кг к 12 января. Добавляйтесь в друзья, будем худеть вместе!)

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